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FEMALE SLAVE TRAINING GUIDE for BDSM play: The Master is an artist, His slave the clay, with the whip He will shape her, with humility He will mold her, Some will admire her, But only the Master, not even the slave, will know her true beauty, for her true beauty lies in her obedience for her Master. Apr 07, 2016 · Whatever your experience level or expectations, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step blueprint of exactly what you need to do to train your submissive partner(s), and have him/her.

Asking someone else if you are submissive is like asking a blind man what color your dress is. Is there some magical online quiz that can say whether you are submissive or slave? Unfortunately no and I don't think I'd listen to the results of one if it existed either. Submission isn't something you can find in a self-help book or a therapist. Rules of submission for a slave. A slave will learn these rules during slave training and follow them in order to better serve, obey and please. It will always listen with a strong interest in whatever Master has to say during slave training. Enjoy this slave training guide; Service – the slave’s Vessel; Weekly note: A Thank you.

Similar searches amateur submissive lesbian training submissive compilation slut trainer submissive sub training wife training submission training emma watson in diapers bdsm training slut wife training whore training submissive wife training submissive mom first time bdsm tied teen slave slut training bdsm submissive slave submissive wife. Oct 21, 2008 · Slave training games. Make a set of cards, each of which has an erotic punishment written on it. If she misbehaves, she has to draw a punishment at random from the box. Or, if you prefer, make your submissive create the cards--preferably while aroused, as she when aroused will think of devious things that people who aren't aroused won't Author: Laura.