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Foot fetish and foot worship sex stories. Sagas of Indian desi guys who love to kiss and lick the feet and toes of their partners. A femdom foot worship story. This is a partial true story based on how a married man worships a living goddess and trained by a Mistress to continue married life with his wife.

Read Indian Crush/Foot Fetish - Free Sex Story on! Hello to all readers.. my name is kuttan and im from south india. this story i write is a true incident and not a. Apr 10, 2018 · So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here. There is this one girl that has the most beautiful feet. Lets just call her Sarah. Whenever she goes barefoot around the house I cant help but to take a few glances I even snuck a video once. Continue reading My roommate found out I have a foot fetish76%.

Ever since I can remember, Ive had a secret desire to lick, smell, and worship pretty young feet. I never would have guessed that my first foot fetish encounter would be with my own cousin! THIS IS A TRUE STORY! Fetish. I will start out by saying I have a huge foot fetish. I have always been drawn to women’s feet, and recently also drawn to men’s feet. I am a bi single male loving life. During the summer of 1995, I took a road trip with some family members to Florida. It was a trip Continue reading Cousin’s sexy feet.