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Porto Dalva In order to distinguish our products of choice, we created the brand DALVA, a fortunate name, easy to pronounce in all languages whose origin lies in the founder´s surname DA SI LVA. With a wide range of Colheita and white Port wines; arises a visionary innovation by inviting portuguese chefs for the exclusive and limited Port wine editions; by launching the Rosé; the Moscatel. This Vintage Port wine has received good scores from various critics: the 2015 vintage was given a score of 95 by Wine Enthusiast.Ranked among the top 10 wines from this region with respect to number of pri Stores and prices for 'C. da Silva Dalva Vintage Port' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.90%(89).

Vintageport.se, Vintage Port of the 20th century. Aug 25, 2017 · C. da Silva 2015 Dalva Vintage (Port) 95 Points. Powerful, dusty tannins dominate this ripe wine. With its great blackberry fruits, currants and juicy acidity, it is already balanced.95%.

Red Port is blended together using a number of grape varieties. The precise identity of these, and the proportion each represents in the final blend, may not be known even to the winemaker. For some Stores and prices for '1982 C. da Silva Dalva Vintage Port' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Dalva Vintage Port 2003. Silver (Best In Class) International Wine & Spirit Competition - Rich in color and tannins showing its best in the amazing persistence and the ripe fruits aromas. It presents a enormous ageing and aromatic potential with floral notes and red fruits. Exceptional body and silky structure of the tannins which leads to a.

Dalva Vintage 1997 Port Wine. 0 review. Dalva vintage presents a dark ruby colour, fresh fruit flavours and tannins. The bouquet becomes balanced, complex and highly distinctive, with flavours of baked fruits, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa and coffee. Dalva Harvest 1966 is a wine form a single harvest of a specific year. The peculiarity of this wine is that it has no indication of age as a blended tawny (10, 20, 30, 40,), but instead an indication, it has the year mentioned on the label and, for this reason, an Harvest wine should not be confused with a Vintage.