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Mica Insulated Strip Heaters Specially treated rust-resistant steel sheath casing provides physical strength, high emissivity and good thermal conductivity for sheath temperatures up to 900°F (480°C). For corrosive atmospheres and/or sheath temperatures up to . The Mica insulation also withstands high voltage temperatures, resist moisture, and remain immune to most chemicals. Mounting Suggestions: Maximize your mica strip heater, by ensuring the following tips. Small heaters up to 5 in² (32.3 cm²) of heated area are120VÅ(ac). These small heaters can be wired in series for a 240VÅ(ac) power supply.

Mica Strip Heaters are versatile, efficient and economical. They are of the same construction as the mica band heater in a flat design. These are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Backer marathon Mica Strip Heaters are ideal for plate heating applications. Mica Strip heaters will operate up 900° F or to 1200° F with optional stainless steel sheath. In Stock Available To Ship Or Custom Order To Your Specs.

Strip HEATERS. Used in the surface heating of tanks, as the heat source in industrial ovens and for heating air or other inert gases. Common Applications. Mica insulated strip heaters are used in hundreds of industrial and commercial heating applications. Specifications and Tolerances If tighter tolerances are required consult Omega. A heater’s physical size combined with electrical ratings will determine the actual minimums and maximums.

Mica Strip Heaters are constructed by winding a nickel-chrome resistance ribbon around mica insulation and encapsulated in a stainless steel sheath. They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes with options for holes, notches and cut-outs. A number of threaded terminals, wire lead options and terminal boxes offer great. Strip Heater Configurations. Home > Products > Strip Heaters > Configurations. Standard Strip Heater Configurations List. Below is the standard strip heater configurations list with a description, base price, and drawing/diagram for each.