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Automatic doors Automatic commercial doors welcome visitors, guide traffic, and help preserve indoor climate zones. Sliding, swing, and revolving storefront systems, including commercial entrance doors, offer many ways to provide convenience, secure entrances and . Swing doors take up minimal space while providing maximal opening width. The operators are ideal for both new installations and retrofits, and manual opening is easy if needed for convenience or safety.

Swing doors Exterior and interior swinging doors provide flexibility, efficiency and automated convenience for every entrance. Low-energy and full-energy commercial swing door operator configurations are available to meet any access requirement. Double the appeal and enhance the functionality of your swing door entrance. In 1943, it became a Massachusetts state law requirement to flank a revolving door with an outward swinging hinged door or to make the revolving door collapsible (so it becomes a double partition collapsing at 180°), allowing people to pass on either side. American revolving doors .

Oct 30, 2012 · In other occupancy types, the door must swing in the direction of egress travel when the door is serving 50 or more occupants. “Doors shall swing in the direction of egress travel where serving an occupant load of 50 or more persons or a Group H occupancy.”. Horton Automatics offers its 4000 series and 7000 series swing operators to provide a full range of swinging and folding access solutions. Operator Features.