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Savannah monitors are carnivores and prone to obesity, so it is vital to monitor their weight to prevent excess weight gain. Feeding juveniles a few times a week is fine, but adult savannahs may only need to eat . The savannah monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) is a medium-sized species of monitor lizard native to Africa.The species is known as Bosc’s monitor in Europe, since French scientist Louis Bosc first described the species. It belongs to the subgenus Polydaedalus, along with the Nile, the ornate and other monitors.Family: Varanidae.

Adult savannah monitors have blunt teeth which they use to crack open snail shells. The jaw also helps in this regard as most of the leverage is put at the back of the jaw which further aids in crushing snails. The forked-tongue acts as a tool they use to understand their environment by tasting the air. Savannah monitors, however, do not need crickets/grasshoppers as an exclusive insect source, even in the wild. Studies of other savannah monitor populations have found that their primary prey items are in the beetle family (Cisse 1972).

Q: What do Savannah Monitors eat?? A: In the wild they feed mainly on insects.Specifically giant crickets and termites. Their teeth are designed for this food type. But they do have a very broad range of tastes including: scorpions, giant crickets, termites, snakes, .