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“We’re finding humor actually lights up more of the brain than many other functions in a classroom,” says Morrison, author of Using Humor to Maximize Learning. “In other words, if you’re listening just auditorily in a classroom, one small part of the brain lights up, but humor maximizes learning and strengthens memories.”. As a teacher, there are many strategies that we use to motivate students. Every teacher wants to increase student interest and participation, right? One strategy to best accomplish this is by using humor in the classroom. There are numerous positive effects of using humor in your classroom each day, both for your students and for yourself.

The cons of using humor in the college classroom. The final item in my questionnaire was “Please give an example of a situation in which one of your instructors tried to use humor in the classroom, but was unsuccessful, and how this failure affected you.” I content analyzed the 93 responses to this item into the nine categories below.Author: Appleby, Drew C. Mar 31, 2015 · If the idea of using humor in front of a classroom of judgmental teenagers makes you more nervous than a rookie teacher in his or her first parent-teacher conference, consider the research showing that adolescents tend to release more dopamine and have more dopamine receptors than adults. Because of their hyper-responsive dopamine reward system Author: Sarah Henderson.

Nov 28, 2017 · Somehow, developing a stronger sense of humor and sharing this humor with my students seemed vital to my growth as a teacher. In fact, the desire was so profound that I actually discussed the matter with two different comedians and one professional clown (true story). This lesson will help you understand how making (and letting) your students laugh keeps the classroom alive and facilitates learning. You will learn how to use humor effectively and safely.

This article identifies opportunities for incorporating humor in the college classroom, reviews the impact of humor on learning outcomes, and suggests guidelines for the appropriate use of humor. Of particular interest is humor in "dread courses" which students may avoid due to a lack of self-confidence, perceived difficulty of the material or. Effective use of humor can help teachers engage students and establish rapport with them, maintain their attention, create an open classroom atmosphere, and even ease distress during exams. You can make yourself less a distant teacher and better connect with students, and effectively manage a classroom.Cited by: 4.