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Mar 16, 2017 · Glands that stay swollen for more than 5 days in children or 2 to 4 weeks in adults; The area around the glands turns red or purple, it feels warm or you see pus; Swelling in your arm or groin. Lymph nodes can be found throughout your body and at times can become swollen. Some of the causes of swollen lymph nodes include an ear infection, strep throat, and mononucleosis.Author: April Kahn.

Swollen lymph nodes under the arm (in the armpit) can occur due to infection or injury to the arm or hand. Some infections (mononucleosis or "mono," HIV, and fungal or parasitic infections) may cause generalized swelling of lymph nodes throughout the body. Swollen and enlarged lymph nodes do happen when the Streptococcus bacteria gather in the throat and the body produce white blood cells to help fight the bacteria causing the infection. Visit your doctor for a prescription for antibiotics to help get rid of the infection of the throat.Author: Maggy.

Lymph nodes discovered behind the ears are postauricular lymph nodes and they may swell due to measles or toxoplasmosis. Lumps due to regional skin .