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Adult Protective Services. Greensboro: 641-3137 High Point: 641-3137 Provides investigation of alleged abuse, neglect and exploitation for disabled adults. If substantiated, we provide services to improve/eliminate the situation with adult consent or meet with the legal system when the individual does not have capacity to consent to services. The Continuing Education program at Guilford College offers many majors and minors, flexible class schedules, and helpful resources dedicated to adult students.

The Guilford County Department of Public Health provides a wide range of adult health services. Some of these services are designed to address the healthcare needs of all Guilford County residents and all services are designed to meet the needs of uninsured/underinsured low income residents. We’ve saved your selection. If you would like to keep your notes for further reference, please create an account.

Guilford Adult Dental Access Program. Guilford Dental is a program organized by Guilford Community Care Network, Inc. to provide dental services to uninsured Guilford County residents. Services will be limited to comprehensive examinations, extractions, fillings, pain management and some minor restorative care. Adult Student Campus Visit. Continuing Education at Guilford College is the first and longest-running adult degree program in North Carolina. Along with an outstanding academic reputation, Guilford has a caring and supportive faculty that understands the unique challenges of adult students.