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in or was in an adult interdependent relationship has the onus of proving the existence of the relationship. Partnership Act does not apply 12 The Partnership Act does not apply to an adult interdependent relationship. Regulations 13 The Minister may make regulations (a) respecting the form, contents and execution of an adult. The Alberta Adult Interdependent Relationships Act (AIRA) came into effect in June 2003. It created the legal status of adult interdependent partnerships for persons who live in relationships of interdependence under certain circumstances, whether or not those relationships are conjugal in nature.

General Questions Adult Interdependent Relationship Agreements Ending an Adult Interdependent Relationship Effect on Wills and Estates General Questions How is a common-law relationship defined in Alberta law? The term ‘common-law’ is often used to describe a couple that lives together, with or without children, but is not married. The term ‘common-law’ is no longer used [ ]. The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act was passed during the fall 2002 sitting of the provincial Legislature and became law on June 1, 2003.This act amended several Alberta laws for people in unmarried relationships involving economic and emotional interdependency. These laws set out the financial and property benefits and responsibilities attached to these relationships.

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