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The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is the nation's premier source of childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization information for healthcare professionals. Report y Suspected cases of reportable vaccine-preventable diseases or outbreaks to the local or state health department y Clinically significant postvaccination reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System at or 800-822-7967 Injury claims All vaccines included in the adult immunization schedule except pneumococcal.

International Medical Council on Vaccination. 27K likes. The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an association of medical doctors, 3.4/5(4). Immunization against vaccine preventable diseases is one of the most important and beneficial public health measures available. However, utilization rates among adults remain low, well below Adult Immunization: The Need for Enhanced Utilization | American Council on Science and Health.

Welcome to the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit (NAIIS) The NAIIS is dedicated to addressing and resolving adult and influenza immunization issues and improving the use of vaccines recommended by CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.The NAIIS consists of over 700 partners, representing more than 130 public and private organizations.